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Removes Eye-Bags, Dark Spots & Dirt

Eye Bag & Dark Circle Repair Serum

Money Back Guarantee
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Eye Bag & Dark Circle Repair Serum


How it Works

Step 1: Plant-Derived Peptides Tackle Puffiness & Boost Circulation to Delicate Blood Vessels

Plant peptides target dark circles in two ways. 

First, they deliver essential amino acids your skin needs to regenerate, Vitamin E to strengthen your skin’s lipid barrier, and Ferulic Acid to scrub away free radicals. 

Second, they boost circulation in the micro-capillaries under your eyes to restore your natural skin tone and soothe swelling and puffiness. 

By addressing the underlying mechanism of dark circles, plant peptides set the stage for nourishment: 

Step 2: Irish Moss Extract Protects, Nourishes, Tones, & Tightens With Plant Collagens

Irish Moss is a one-man show.

It pours nutrients into your skin with 92 of the 102 essential minerals your body requires, not to mention Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which help strengthen and restore damaged skin by boosting collagen synthesis. 

Irish moss defends your skin with antioxidants and antibacterial properties, strengthens skin elasticity with Vitamin K, and fortifies your skin’s moisture barrier for what’s next: 

Step 3: Ultra-light Hydration Leaves the Skin Soft & Smooth

A serum without a moisturizing component is useless. Hydrated skin helps shuttle nutrients to where they’re needed most. 

Hyaluronic Acid draws moisture towards your skin like a magnet, holding 1,000 times its weight in water so the rest of the formula can get to work. 

Key Ingredients

Plant-Derived Peptides

Tackle Puffiness & Boost Circulation to Delicate Blood Vessels.


Irish Moss

Extract Protects, Nourishes, Tones, & Tightens With Plant Collagens.

Hyaluronic Acid

Draws moisture towards your skin like a magnet, holding 1,000 times its weight in water so the rest of the formula can get to work.

Red Seaweed Extract

Red Seaweed Extract is a natural source of amino acids, peptides, and antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein - which help protect the skin from blue light. It also creates a microscopic protective film to defend against environmental toxins.

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Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Shipping costs vary by country. Additional local taxes may apply. Please see our Shipping Policy page for details.

How much is shipping?

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What is the return policy?

We offer a 60 Day Guarantee on all our products. Please see our Return Policy for details.

Engineered for Men

We’re men. Our skin is thicker. More rugged. It ages differently. We need a different kind of care than women.

Arbor Men's gives you that care.

Arbor Men's team of experts in men’s skincare did extensive research for years until they found the perfect formula, and the perfect system for you.

Our Unbeatable Guarantee

Give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose, thanks to Arbor Mens 60 -Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Customers see significant improvement in as little as 14 days.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll look like the man of someone’s dreams.

It Packs TONS of Benefits in 1 Set

  • Destroys Under Eye Bags
  • Removes Dark Spots
  • Reduces Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Moisturizes & pulls in water to your skin

  • Forehead Lines are a thing of the past
  • Soothes the skin after shaving
  • Reduces Crows Feet
  • Removes the dead skin - keeping you looking fresh

  • Look Better In Photos and in Real Life
  • American Made Skincare
  • Money Back Gaurantee
  • Shaving Bumps are a thing of the past
  • Doesn’t leave an oily residue on your face

  • Secret Hack to Looking Younger
  • Helps your Cells Repair Sundamage
  • Anti Inflammatory Properties
  • Eases Acne and eczema and other skin irritations
  • Free Shipping

See What Our Customers Are Saying

I’ve had bad skin reactions from using other “natural” products but NOT Arbor’s. Arbormen's make your skin feel clean, smooth, & hydrated. The anti-aging stuff is great!!


I am so impressed with the results I have been seeing. I have had lots of comments from people around me saying how great my skin is looking.

Travis P.

With the anti-aging routine, it tightened and evened my skin almost instantly! It greatly reduced those deep sun weathered wrinkles I noticed on my forehead. 


The results were noticeable immediately after only 1 week of use. The dark circles under my eyes (I'm a father to a toddler) have diminished significantly.


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews


Michael Field
Best products on the market

I was skeptical in the beginning.!i did a three week challenge photos before and after. If you use the products as they state you will begin too see some changes in three weeks. Now at six months I mean like wow. I don’t normally do surveys but in this case I had to. I am overjoyed with the results. I have to say it is expensive but so are all the that claim the same results but they don’t produce the same results. I am sold on these products. Not every product Arbor offers is for me. But the under eye, the daytime serum and the three times a night serum are excellent. And trust me I’m not being paid to say all this. I am an every day user of these products. Finally something designed for men that works well on my man face. Keep up the good work Arbors. I wish that Arbor Mens had larger quantities so indont havebtonorder as often. Plus I think Arbor mens should have a loyalty membership discount. Michael Field. Oh by the way I could use a jar of instant wrinkle repair serum as I’m almost out.. this photo is after two months. I look 25 years younger.

Donald Megerle

I am 75 and use a few creams in addition to your product..


Amazingly effective!

Works good

I was very skeptical but it worked very well. I got the blackness under my eyes to go away in two days.


Have some questions? Why not take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions below to see if we have your answer.

Does it work?

Yes! Our team of skin wizards combine all-natural ingredients collected here in the USA in highly effective amounts to get you results. Our formula is brough to life at an FDA approved facility and never use harsh chemicals that other brands are notorious for. The secret formula works in harmony with your skin taking away the bad stuff you don’t want while allowing your body to do what it does best naturally.

What if it doesn’t work?

If a being from another reality intervenes and prevents you from getting the results you want, you are entitled to a full money-back guarantee for up to 60-days. An investment in Arbor Men’s is 100% risk-free. Either get the results you want or your money back.

What makes it so good?

Arbor Men’s follows a simple philosophy - get the best natural ingredients and combine them in amounts that make a difference. Our formulas contain up to 50 times the active ingredients as some of our competitors and are all sourced naturally. That’s why the results are so good!

Is it suitable for my skin?

Yes. Arbor Men’s unique formula is ideal for all skin types, thanks to our unique formulas. Arbors face wash removes the dirt and oils without stripping them entirely. The scrub removes the dirt, grime, and dead skin with the scrub. Finally, you rehydrate with the moisturizer. When you over clean, your body goes into overdrive to replace the missing oils - that lead to recurring skin problems. 

Some people's faces don’t balance everything properly. This can be due to genetics, diet, lifestyle and other factors. Arbors Men’s allows your body to do what it does best. This is as close to a miracle cure you will ever find, but please don't go and do a bunch of meth and expect to look great… everything has its limits.

Does it work on Wrinkles / Make Me Look Younger?

Absolutely. Arbor Men’s Anti Aging Products contain a secret blend of plant peptides and herbal extracts specifically chosen for their ability to reverse aging, and reduce winkles

When applied, our formula soothes swelling, boosts circulation, hydrates and strengthens your skin so you wake up looking young, fresh, and ready to rock and roll.

Does it work on Acne?

Yes. Arbor Men’s formula helps eradicate the causes of acne by providing strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Our products are designed to scrub pores, clean and soothe shaving irritation, and nourish with natural botanical oils. This combo gives you smooth, unblemished skin, leading to maximum confidence.

Use our facewash when you shower in the morning, after the gym, and before bed. Rosehip Seed, Geranium Flower, and Red Seaweed nourish your skin while amino acids, peptides, antioxidants, Vitamin C & A clear away any bacteria. This leaves your skin fresh, firm, toned and manly - the way it should be!

Is it safe?

Arbor’s all-natural ingredients are among the safest and most effective on the market. All of our products are cruelty-free & Vegan*. They contain no synthetic coloring, and are entirely synthetic-fragrance free.

They are also GMO-free, gluten-free, micro plastic-free, and naturally derived.The same compounds we use can be created synthetically or collected from nature and still share the same name. At Arbor Men’s, we choose to use the ones from nature. When we say our product contains Vitamin C you know we’ve squeezed the organic oranges ourselves - not grown some weird potion in a Chinese lab!

*Except the scrub, that contains honey.

How long will it last?

Each bottle contains enough product for 60 days of daily use.

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