Subscription policy

Subscription Benefits

  • Enjoy a discounted rate and FREE standard shipping on subscription orders over $79
  • Save time by securely storing your payment information
  • Worry-free automatic shipments every XX days
  • Easily edit order dates, address, payment, and products subscribed to
  • Delay, skip, or cancel anytime in our portal

Get Started With an Arbor Mens Subscription

Go to any of our product pages and simply select "Subscribe & save "XYZ"%" and add to cart. Complete checkout and receive a percentage off  as well as free standard shipping on orders over $79.


Q: What is Arbor Mens subscription service?

A: It is a monthly subscription of automatic shipments of the products you choose. 

You don't have to worry about ordering your favorite products every time you run out, plus you enjoy them at a discounted rate every time.

You have full control over your deliveries. Upon logging into your account, you can easily adjust delivery dates, quantity, product type, payment method, address, and even skip deliveries.

Changes to orders can be made anytime before 24 hours of when your next order is supposed to be processed.

Q: What about shipping charges?

A: You are responsible for all shipping unless your orders reach the free U.S. shipping threshold.

Q: When do items ship?

A: Items ship within 2 days of the order date. If a 30-day subscription is made, the first delivery will be made within 2 days of the order date. The following subscription order will be set for 30 days later, and fulfilled within 2 days of that order date.

Q: When will I be charged for orders?

A: Orders will be billed to the payment method you provide on the same date every month according to your original subscription date. You can cancel orders up to 24 hours before the scheduled order date, exclusively using the portal

Q: Is there a minimum purchase?

A: There is no minimum purchase obligation for subscription orders. You can change or cancel your subscription at any time using our portal.

Q: How do I skip a delivery?

A: Log into your account and choose "Upcoming orders" in the top menu. Choose which product(s) you'd like to skip and click the "skip order" button.

Q: How do I change my shipping address?

A: Log into your account and on the top menu choose "Shipping Addresses". Select the current address listed to edit, then save.

Q: How do I change my payment method?

A: Log into your account and on the top menu select "Billing information". Select the " Send email to update" button. An email will be sent to the email we have associated with your account and instructions to securely change / update your payment method are included.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: Log into your account anytime and on the top menu select "Subscriptions". Choose the active subscription you'd like to cancel, then select "cancel".