How to Use a Face Moisturizer For Men - Arbor Mens Hydrating Day and Night Moisturizing Cream

How to Use a Face Moisturizer For Men - Arbor Mens Hydrating Day and Night Moisturizing Cream

A lot of men know how to wash their face. However, most do not know about the important final step to a great skin care routine with effective results. Moisturizing your face is just as important as it is to wash your face. 

Why Use a Face Moisturizer For Men?

It is common that our skin cells lose water as easily as it obtains it. Sweat, the sun, and just the daily toxins and minerals we are exposed to daily. This causes our skin to dry up and for some to over produce natural oils. A dry face can often look weathered, saggy, and make wrinkles appear more prominent. A men’s face moisturizer will help your skin look firm, hydrated and energized.

Before you start:

You always want to make sure to wash your face using a men’s natural ingredient based face wash prior to using men’s day and night hydrating moisturizer. Applying a non-cleansed face can cause the moisturizer to trap in oil, bacteria, dead skin, and other impurities into your pores. 

Step 1: Clean your face

Make sure your face is cleansed before applying a moisturizer.

Step 2: When to Apply

Apply a face moisturizer like the day and night hydrating moisturizer after you’ve washed your face in the morning and at night. This helps lock in the moisture and keep your skin moisturized and ready for the day and the night. If you have dryer skin it is recommended to touch up on some moisturizer in between your morning routine and night routine. The hyaluronic acid in the moisturizer helps lock in any hydration to prevent any dry skin and even for the oilier men, overproduction in oils. 

Step 3: Use Only a Little

Use only about a dime size amount onto the fingertips of one of your hands. Gently rub your fingers together with the other hand and then rub the moisturizer all over your face. It is best to use upward motions. This prevents pulling on the skin repetitively and creating wrinkles and lines. As it is recommended to use all over your face, definitely focus on the forehead and around the under eye area as these are the areas men start to age quicker.

Just Remember…

Don’t use a moisturizer filled with chemicals that can irritate the skin. Arbor Men's Day and Night Hydrating moisturizer has natural and active ingredients that lock in moisture, have no harmful chemicals, and hydrate your face. 


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