How to Use a Face Cleanser For Men - Arbor Men's Botanical Face Wash

How to Use a Face Cleanser For Men - Arbor Men's Botanical Face Wash

You have your complete skin care set. Lotions, scrubs, and gels… all the essentials for cleansing and bettering your skin. However, you may not feel super excited but more so extremely confused and frustrated about how to properly use these products. 

Men… this is for you. A complete how to on using your face cleanser.

Why Use a Face Cleanser For Men?

Every day your skin accumulates bacteria, dirt, dead skin cells, and oils that end up taking over your pores and creating blockage, infection, and acne. It affects the PH balance of your skin making you result in having oilier skin, dryer skin, or overall combination. None look or feel pleasant. So the face cleanser (being a good face cleanser) is so important to balance and cleanse your skin from these harmful symptoms. 

Now let's get into the easy yet effective steps of proper skin washing with your face cleanser.

Step One

Cleaning your face starts with the basics. Make sure to have a fresh towel, lukewarm water, and your trusted cleanser. Your cleanser, we recommend, has natural ingredients, no perfumiated scents, no parabens, no sulfates, and no harmful petrochemicals. Gently apply lukewarm water to your face.

Step Two

Apply a dime size amount of your Arbor Men's Daily Botanical Face Wash and gently lather and rub into your face. Target your forehead, t-zone, cheeks, and jawline/ beard line. 

Step Three

Rinse your face with lukewarm water and make sure to not leave any soap behind on your face. Then dry your skin with your clean towel.  

  • When to Apply

It is recommended to wash your face once each morning and once each evening. It is an absolute must to do it daily but do not do it more than two to three times or else you will strip away too much from your skin and cause dryness. Oil production is still necessary. 

  • Use Only a Little

Less is more. As washing your face too many times can cause dryness and lose the necessary oils, so is using too much face wash in one session. Only a dime size amount is needed. 

  • Let the natural ingredients do the rest.

What Not To Do

-Remember no hot water

- Not too much cleanser

- Don’t skip days or wash more than two or three times in a day. 


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