Commonly asked questions about Men’s Skincare Routine

Commonly asked questions about Men’s Skincare Routine

You’re a guy who takes care of himself by going to the gym every day, eating as healthy as possible, and working hard in that ten hour day job to live your best and most confident lifestyle. However, something is always bothering you when you look in the mirror. After the gym, a day at a stressful job, or just being outside all day, you notice you look drained, too shiny, or just an aura of “blah” all over your face. It doesn’t seem fair, you feel great, and strive to look great. You even throw water on your face or the closest soap added to it to “brighten” Yourself up… but that weird look on your skin won’t improve. 

Listen up… It’s your skin care routine guys.

For American Men between the ages of twenty-four and thirty-four, only forty six percent know how to properly take care of their faces with a proper skin care routine. 

The other fifty four percent includes the ones “washing their face twice a day with that cheap Soap Bar or your girlfriend’s Body Wash that is in the shower and it isn’t helping one bit.

So let’s answer some commonly asked questions for the guys who are working hard to live that confident lifestyle and want the secret to a better looking appearance on their next Zoom call or date. 

Best Skin Care for Men with Beards?


Beards, Shaving Day, and those horribly painful ingrown hairs and razor burns. How can we fix it and how can men prevent Red bumps and ingrown hair irritation on their skin? It is a pretty simple answer, A twice a day, three step face routine. 

  1. FaceWash- The face wash is key in removing any dirt, sweat, excess oil, and other forms of bacteria out of your pores and facial hair. This is important because when you shave with your razor, you risk making small abrasive cuts into your skin. The more bacteria and dirt on your skin when that cut happens, the more likely you are to create more irritation and result in pimples or red inflamed bumps all over your face. Arbor Mens Daily Botanical Face Wash is perfect due to the natural ingredients that won't dry out your skin but effectively clean your face.
  2. Scrub- The Scrub is key to use only two to three times a week, Why? Because the purpose of the scrub is to be in a sense a little more aggressive with your skin by using rounded natural grains to remove excess dead skin and stubborn dirt that clogs your pores. Your beard hair is a part of your pores. So if you don’t use a scrub that dirt and dead skin build up will make it more difficult for your skin to breathe and properly regrow your shaven beard hair causing those extremely painful and torturous ingrown hairs. By using the Daily Scrub and removing the dead skin and dirt, men can solve the problem of having ingrown beard hair. 
  3. Moisturizer- Moisturizer is important for men in order to keep pores healthy and protected from oil and dirt buildup causing red bumps and acne in their bearded region. Moisturizer hydrates men's skin to give it a glow and be able to produce a healthier finish that helps your beard look healthier and less greasy and straggly. The Day and Night Hydrating Moisturizer from Arbor Mens is your solution for this routine. 

Oily, Dry, Combination, How Can Men Tell What Skin Type They Have?

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Most men don’t notice what issues their skin is having in regards to their face? We all know the classic acne with pimples and cystic bumps. But what about the sneaky yet significant skin issues? Here is how to know if you have oily, dry, or combination skin:

Oily: Arriving at the Gym or work and already looking shinier than a fresh glazed Donut? Yeah definitely not a good thing. This is the work of over production of oil in your pores. Sweat Production also increases oil production. But let’s be real, nobody wants to give up their gym routine for the sake of oily skin… luckily there is a solution for that. 

How can Men Better fight Oily Skin?

Products Like a gentle face cleanser and a moisturizer are key to help oily skin. A gentle Face cleanser like The Arbor Men’s Daily Botanical Face Wash is perfect for oily skin due to it not drying out your skin and pulling out all the moisture your skin needs to maintain healthy balance. When your skin is dried out from harsh soaps and hard minerals from water, your body can overproduce oil which causes the greasy shine nobody likes to see in the light or feel during any time in the day. Along with this, the moisturizer helps lock in that hydration that helps maintain your skin’s PH and tell your skin to not overproduce more oil. A little can go a long way; especially with Arbor Mens Hydrating Day and Night Moisturizing Cream. 


Ever feel like you look like a lizard molting it’s skin? Little flakes of skin that are itchy and irritating? You are a Dry Skin kind of guy… this means that your body cannot produce enough natural oils and hold moisture naturally. Sometimes those dry patches are also cases of eczema, but to be sure of this always consult with your doctor. Along with this, the intensity of having all that dry and patchy skin on your face also creates intense clogging in your pores and leads to acne on top of the dry patches. But not to worry… there is a solution for that as well!

What Skin Care Helps Men with Dry Skin?

Just like with oily skin, the Arbor Mens Daily Botanical Face Wash helps remove all that dirt and bacteria and dry skin from your face and pores. Face Wash in general has to be gentle so it does not chemically harm your face. With stubborn dry skin, you need to add a scrub that has rounded grains in the mix in order to not scratch or puncture the skin but efficiently remove those dry dead skin flakes. Arbor Mens All Natural Face Scrub has your back with this. Not only is it made with the right ingredients to safely remove the dead skin but it has those natural supplements to help heal and hydrate those dry patches while smelling absolutely amazing. It is safe for extremely sensitive or reactive skin and men only need to use it two to three times a week! Like the Moisturizer, a little goes a long way so you only need a dime size. Last, every morning and every night for my dry skin men, moisturize Moisturize, MOISTURIZE!!!

Arbor Men's Day and Night Hydrating Moisturizer will rejuvenate those dry patches and help train your skin to lock in and hold onto that hydration in order to prevent more dead dry skin. 


Combination skin is unfortunately not having the best of either world of oily or dry skin. Your chin and T-zone on your face may be slick and shiny from overproduction of oil  whereas your cheeks, temple, and forehead may have some severe dry patches 

Is there anything Men Should use particularly for Combination Skin?

The beauty with combo skin is that its requirements are the same routine as for oily and dry skin. Wash your face with the Daily Botanical Face Wash morning and night. Use that incredible Face Scrub two to three times a week and focus it on your spots especially! Lastly, Moisturize all over because whether too oily or too dry, the hydrating moisturizer will balance out those stubborn oily and dry spots. Before you know it, you’ll notice your redness, flakiness, and greasy shine in complete control. You’ll even see your acne blemishes disappearing and better controlled. Believe it or not, the three skin types mentioned above and a mix of not being properly cleaned and controlled creates the majority of acne you fight daily. Key thing is using that three step bundle and maintaining that routine!

How Do Men Get into a Skin Care Routine?

There are so many options out there that it may be daunting to know what to buy for your skin or what has the best ingredients. Here is the best tip for your skin: 

Keep it Simple!

There should not be anything unnatural or overly perfumed in your skin care. It should require so much that it interrupts your busy and goal driven lifestyle. OS the magic number of Three and Five. Three Steps and under five minutes… a great bundle to start that has three natural, simple, yet extremely effective products for men is Arbor Mens Daily Advanced Care Routine. You get the Face Wash, the Daily Scrub, and the Moisturizer. The products are in smaller containers because it can last through a whole month and it is true to the word of using only a dime size amount! The best part is, if you love it but don’t want to forget to restock? The product has a subscription sign up so you can always be ready to go when you're through your month’s worth. 


Three Steps, Five Minutes, and a lifetime of confidence that you can look the way you feel about your life and your healthy face! 

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